July 12, Friday

About the bibliobus

What exactly is a bibliobus?

We’re not your average library – we’re a modern, up-to-date mobile library with a mission to bring more books and a whole lot of cultural and educational buzz to the Vilnius area. We’re here to create activities for all age groups and to foster cosy get-togethers.

Where can I find the bibliobus?

Take a look at our timetable – you’ll find the library bus stops here.

Can people with reduced mobility access the bibliobus independently?

Of course! We have installed a lift in the bibliobus so that anyone who wants to read can come and visit.

What treasures await me in the library?
  • A friendly librarian ready to assist you
  • A fantastic collection of books
  • Free internet access
  • Convenient computer workstations
  • A peaceful spot to read or unwind
  • And many more exciting activities – explore them here.
What can I do in the bibliobus?

Read, work, and let your creativity soar! You’re also invited to join us for our delightful events.

Where does the bibliobus stop?
  • Antaviliai
  • Trakų Vokė
  • Salininkai
  • Dvarčionys
  • Pavilnys

Find the exact timetable and addresses here.

When does the bibliobus open its doors?

Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday – Monday are days off.

What does the bibliobus look like?

You won’t be able to miss us – we’re the most colourful travelling library around! Our big bibliobus is adorned with vibrant illustrations. See them here.

Borrowing books

Do you deliver books to my home?

While we won’t deliver to your doorstep, we’ll certainly bring the books closer to your home. The bibliobus visits districts further away from the centre of Vilnius, including Antaviliai, Salininkai, Pavilniai, and Trakų Vokė. Just swing by and pick up the books you’d like to read.

How do I become a reader?

Becoming a reader is as simple as two plus two! Whether you’re a local or from afar, just hop aboard the library bus with your ID, and we’ll get you started. Fill out a registration card, familiarise yourself with our library rules, and pledge to follow them.

If you don’t already have a LIBIS reader’s card from any library in Lithuania, we’ll issue you a brand-new one. You’ll also receive your own top-secret code for accessing the ibiblioteka.lt e-catalogue.

Is the reader’s card valid at other Lithuanian libraries?

Your library card is like a well-made passport! If you already have a library card from any library in Lithuania, you are welcome here too. Just swing by and register.

How do I borrow a book?

All you need is a LIBIS reader card. To make borrowing even easier, you can also submit an electronic version of your reader’s card. You can find it by logging in to ibiblioteka.lt, heading to “My e-library,” and selecting “reader’s card.”

Can I order a book online?

Absolutely! Visit the e-catalogue at ibiblioteka.lt, choose the book you want, and select a bibliobus from the Vilnius Central Library branches. Click on “order/reserve” and opt for the “Bibliobus” collection method. Once your order status shows as “Document ready” or you receive a confirmation email in your inbox, it’s time to pick up your book.

How do I collect my book from the bibliobus?

Once you receive a confirmation via email, follow the library bus route and choose the most convenient stop. You’ll have 9 days to collect your book.

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 5 books.

How long can I keep borrowed books?

You can enjoy your borrowed book for up to 31 calendar days.

How can I extend the term of using books?

Extending your book’s due date is a breeze. You can do it by getting in touch with a friendly member of our library staff or by logging in to the online catalogue. Simply go to “my library,” then select “orders” to view your reading history. You’ll notice three dots next to the book you have checked out. Click on them to extend the deadline. You can renew a book up to 3 times if it hasn’t been reserved by another reader. Please keep in mind that if you want to renew a book after the due date has passed, you’ll need to contact a library staff member by phone or email.

What books does the bibliobus have?

Curious about what’s on our bookshelves? We’ve got a diverse collection of 1000 books for readers of all ages, spanning fiction and non-fiction in both Lithuanian and foreign languages. All the details can be found on ibiblioteka.lt. Simply select “Advanced search” in the search field and enter the library details: in the “Library” field, choose “Vilnius City Municipality Central Library,” in the “Fund/Branch” field, select “Bibliobus,” and click “Search.”

How can I return the books?

Once you’ve enjoyed a book, just return it to the Library Bus.

Can I return a borrowed book to a regular library?

Nope, if you’ve borrowed it from us, return it to us, please.

If I’m late to return a book, do you charge late fees?

Good news! We don’t charge late fees for overdue items. We trust you’ll be prompt in returning your books.

What should I do if I’ve lost a book?

Oh no, if you’ve lost a book, the best solution would be to replace it with an identical copy. If that’s not possible, feel free to reach out to our library staff, and they’ll offer guidance on how to handle the situation.

Can I gift the bibliobus my books?

Do you have books you’d like to give us as a present? We truly appreciate the thought, but unfortunately, we’re unable to accept these gifts. Instead, why not gift us your attention – become a reader and explore our wonderful book collection.

Library Services

Can I surf the web on the bibliobus?

Absolutely! Enjoy the internet access on the bibliobus – and it won’t cost you a dime.

Can I copy or print documents?

Need to make copies or print documents? Don’t worry, our prices are budget-friendly. Check them out here.

Do I have to pay to attend events?

Not at all! Our events are completely free, so you’re always welcome to join.

Do I need to register for events?

Want to make sure you don’t miss out on an event? If registration is required, keep an eye out for the “Register” tag on our website next to the event details.