July 12, Friday
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Bibliobus presented at the Vilnius Book Fair

Knygų mugė, Litexpo

An innovative library bus will soon start operating in the capital. The library on wheels will offer not only lending services, but also cultural and educational activities to the residents of Vilnius who are farther away from the public library branches. The unique travelling library can be seen at the Vilnius Book Fair.

“Libraries have been no longer just a place to borrow books, but also to hold discussions, meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, educational activities, and clubs. By taking the bus to communities further away from the libraries, we want to introduce the citizens of Vilnius to the activities of modern libraries and encourage them to actively use the services they provide,” says Simona Bieliūnė, Vice-Mayor of Vilnius City.

The mobile library will increase the accessibility of the public library services to the residents of Vilnius City who live further away from the library branches, for example, in Pavilniai, Verkiai or Salininkai. The library bus is planned to travel to the different districts one or several days a week.

“The Bibliobus is an exceptional gift for Vilnius residents of all ages. We wanted to create a cosy space for community gatherings where everyone feels welcome. We hope that the Bibliobus will become an integral part of the leisure time of Vilnius residents,” says Rima Gražienė, Director of the Vilnius City Municipality Central Library.

The Bibliobus collection will consist of about 900 fiction and non-fiction books in Lithuanian and foreign languages, puzzles and games for children and adults. All visitors will have the opportunity to register to become a reader and use the e-catalogue. The Bibliobus will offer free Wi-Fi, printing and photocopying services.

The functional design of the Library Bus includes a lift

The library has 2 computerised workstations, 3 seating areas for reading or working on your own computer, and 5 freely selectable seats on pouffes. During events, the mobile library will offer an interactive screen, blacked-out windows for cinema screenings and comfortable seating on cushions.

The Mobile Library can accommodate up to 10 visitors at a time. For those with mobility problems, a lift will make it easier to get inside the library bus.

According to the designer Aurelija Slapikaitė-Jurkonė, “When designing the library bus, we faced the challenge of how to fit all the necessary spaces and bookshelves into this small room.”

“We wanted to create a cosy, home-like environment, so we used a lot of wood for the decoration, so that it would not only warm everyone up with its presence and its warm shade, but also produce vitamin C,” says the designer of the library, A. Slapikaitė-Jurkonė.

Bibliobus will bring educational and cultural activities

During the warm season, visitors will not only be able to go inside the Bibliobus, but also to enjoy a relaxing time next to it. A drop-down screen has been installed on the facade of the Bibliobus and high quality sound is provided for events. Comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas will be set up nearby.

The modern mobile library will offer more than just books to the communities around Vilnius. It will offer educational and cultural activities for different age groups, and bring people together for cosy gatherings. Depending on the needs of the communities, the library will offer film screenings, book clubs, digital literacy and robotics classes and various other activities.

The Bibliobus will be on display at the Vilnius Book Fair until 24 February at the entrance to Hall 5, after which it will start travelling around the capital’s neighborhoods.