July 12, Friday
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19th of May – Neighbours’ Day in Pavilnys!

NewsEventsWorkshopsMandatory registration

Communities around the world celebrate Neighbour Day in May. The Bibliobus invites you to celebrate together! 19 May at 12.00. All residents of Pavilnys are welcome in the courtyard of the Pavilnys Community House (Vandens g. 9)! Let’s meet and chat, make friends, take part in creative activities and sit down at one table. Will play live music, concerts by Pavilnys children’s and adult groups.

More about the event https://www.facebook.com/events/472002248499997/

On the occasion of the Neighbours’ Day, in cooperation with the Šeduva Museum of Jewish History, the Bibliobus offers to take part in educational activities!

On Sunday, 19 May, 12-15:00, the museum staff invites members of the Pavilnys community to the Bibliobus! Join your neighbours to weave a festive challah braid, identify objects related to Judaism, play a Jewish spinning-wheel game and write your name in Hebrew. You will learn what else the Jewish and Lithuanian communities that have lived side by side in Lithuania for centuries have borrowed from each other. While the adults are thinking curiously, the little ones will be able to build their own house, settlement or entire town.

The word “shtetl” comes from Yiddish and means “town”. The museum will open its doors in 2025. A new museum is under construction in Šeduva, Radviliškis district.